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Dog Walking

Countryside walks and trips to the beach in small packs of social dogs. Picture and video updates through our secure online portal. Free pick up & drop off.

Dog Walking Service in the Algarve

Dog Walking is one of our main Services that we offer at Pet Sitting Algarve. Many dog owners refer to us to walk their dog for various reasons. For some, life is quite hectic and takes up most of their day. Some dog owners simply do not have time to give their dog a proper walk to drain excess energy. As a result of this lack of activity, dogs grow frustrated and bored. Frustration and boredom lead to a variety of unwanted behavioural issues such as anxiety, depression and destructive behaviour. We all know at least one person whose dog ripped the sofa!

dog walking service algarve

A Convenient Dog Walking Solution for Dog Owners!

Our Dog Walking service is tailored for dog owners who cannot walk their dog for whatever reason. We cater specifically for those highly energetic and demanding dog breeds. High energy dog breeds just cannot go without their daily dose of exercise. It is heart breaking when we see our dogs bored and sad. However things do not have to be like that. We are here to provide a solution for both dog owners as well as the dogs.

algarve dog walking service

Adequate Exercise is the Key

Exercise is the key to an effective dog walk, however this has to be measured and adequate. Adequate exercise means an amount and type of exercise that is enough to drain the dog form its energy but without over doing it and causing injury. This mostly depends on both the dog’s breed and age. Other environmental factors such as temperature also have to be taken into consideration. In the case of highly energetic dogs for who a simple walk is not enough to drain their energy, we usually recommend our Dog Daycare Service. The Dog Daycare service allows us to spend more time with such dogs and cater better for such highly energetic needs. Our Daycare service also includes free pick up and drop off.

A Dog Walking Service that Stands Out!

Free pick up & drop off

Our Dog Walking service is designed to help busy dog owners who already have too much on their plate! In order to make life easier for dog owners, we include free pick up and drop off to our Dog Walking service.

Picture & video updates

We believe that feedback is very important for dog owners. As part of our Dog Walking service we take pictures and videos while out walking with the pack. Dog owners will be able to access these through our Pet Updates Page on our website. Through this updates system, we reassure dog owners that their dogs are indeed gaining from our dog walks.

Socialised dogs only!

We only accept socialised dogs that are in no way a hazard to any other dog.

We always try to offer the best and safest environment possible for dogs. In order to do so, we always conduct a preliminary meeting to assess prospective dogs before engaging in any Dog Walking activity. In that way we make sure that our pack grows healthily and we put every owner’s mind at rest.

Physical & mental stimulation

Dogs need two essential components to be happy; mental stimulation and adequate physical exercise. Our service aims to satisfy these two essential components. The purpose of any dog walk should go beyond just a pee and a poo! Dogs need to be taken for proper walks where they can satisfy their instinctual needs. It is only through such Dog Walking that dogs can really achieve a balanced state of mind and body.

Get in touch

There is a lot more to a dog walk than what we can write in this brief summary. If you are reading this and wish to learn more about this service and how your dog can benefit, then please do get in touch! We would be more than happy to explain our Dog Walking idea. We would also be very happy to organise a meeting to explain our philosophy in more detail and discuss how we could possibly assist you.

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Our services cover most of the Algarve. Our schedule allows us to cover all the coast from Lagos to Faro and even more inland between Silves and Loule. Get in touch to learn more about our services, schedule and how we can help you.