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Cat Sitting – Home Visits

Cats stay at home & we will visit daily. We take care of the house and plants as well. A daily text log, picture & video updates through a unique and encrypted link just for you.

Cat Sitting – Home Visits

One of the biggest problems cat owners face is where to leave their cats when they need to be away. Many cat owners find this so difficult that they end up not enjoying their getaway to the full. In response to this problem, we created our Cat Home Visiting service to help cat owners enjoy their much needed break. Our Cat Home Visits are intended for those cat owners who wish to leave their cats in the comfort of their own home while they go on holiday. We visit the cats daily, feed, clean and interact with them. All while taking pictures and videos for you to enjoy watching from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet!!

cat home visits service for cats in Vilamoura Quarteira Loule and Faro

Independent but Need a Stable Environment

Although cats can adapt to their surroundings, they do best in a stable environment which they are used to. Cats have a reputation to be independent animals and rely very little on human interaction. People generally contrast cats to dogs. However, experience has though us that this is not entirely correct. Although cats are rather independent creatures, experience has thought us that they still need an amount of human interaction. Through our Cat Sitting Service, your cats will still get their daily required dose of human interaction.

cat home visits service for cats in Vilamoura Quarteira Loule and Faro

Cat Home Visits – We take care of your property as well!

We always try to offer a holistic approach in all of our services. In fact our Cat Sitting Service gives you the added value of Property Monitoring. Through our free Property Monitoring addon your mind will be more at rest knowing that there is someone taking care of your whole household and not just the cat. Property Monitoring includes, things like watering any plants and taking in the mail as well as retrieving any parcels on your behalf. We also switch on an occasional light for the night so the property does not look vacant. Additionally, we can also stock up your cat food stash and even buy some basic things like milk and bread for your return. We try to offer a holistic approach with our Cat Home Visits.

The Benefits of Cat Sitting – Home Visits

A stable & familiar environment

Avoid the stress of taking your cat to a new and unknown place. Leave your cat safe and comfortable at home in his usual place and we will take care of the rest. An individualised cat sitting approach that can be customised to your cat’s particular needs and habits.

Cats get human interaction

Cats do not just get fed! We put in extra effort to give them an adequate amount of valuable human interaction. This will vary depending on the cat’s character. Interaction can be in various ways from simply sitting on our lap to playing with your cat’s favourite toy.

Property monitoring

Have peace of mind knowing that someone is looking after your property as well. We make sure the property looks inhabited to deter anyone from breaking in. We will take care of any mail, water any plants and take care of anything else you may need us to.

Log file with picture & video updates

Our Cat Sitting service also includes a visiting log file along with picture & video updates. You will be able to access this material via a personal, unique and encrypted link. In this way we make sure to give clients proper feedback while still protecting their privacy.

Get in Touch

As with any of our services, the first step is to organise an introductory meeting. We will visit you and explain in more detail how our Cat Home Visits service works and how you can benefit from it. We will show you how the updates system works as well as how you can easily book this cat sitting service online with a few clicks.

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