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Our Mission

We provide Pet Services for Happier & Healthier Pets and a Reliable Pet Sitting Solution for pet owners!

Pet Sitting Algarve

A variety of pet sitting services for dogs, cats and caged & exotic pets.

Our aim is to assist you and your pet to the best of our capabilities and to be your reference point for any pet sitting service you may require. At Pet Sitting Algarve we offer a one stop resource for pet owners.

Pet sitting is our full time activity and not just something on the side!

We invest a lot of time and energy in our services in order to help pet owners manage their pets better. We believe that to do something properly you need to invest time and energy doing it.

Our Philosophy

We keep things small in order to offer an individualised service.

You will surely want nothing but the best for your pet. Our approach enables us to offer you that individualised service that you need. Any dog, cat or other caged / exotic animal entrusted to our care is not just treated as a number but as an individual.

All Our Services!

Traditional pet services are in need of a major overhaul!

Instead of just sitting back, we as a team at Pet Sitting Algarve work actively to catalyse these changes by leading by example.

Our Blog

An informative blog full of essential resources and information for pet owners.

Our weekly articles cover various topics of interest ranging from pet health, behaviour and exercise, to the applicable laws for pets in Portugal.

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With your help and support we can achieve a lot more for our beloved pets.

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